Bonfire Beauties: Putting Together Memorable Looks For Those Late Summer Celebrations

August 02, 2019

Bonfire Beauties: Putting Together Memorable Looks For Those Late Summer Celebrations

It's the time for late-night bonfires on the beach or in your backyard. As summer wanes into fall, you need a bonfire outfit for every free weekend you have. The perfect beach bonfire outfit is all about comfort, but it's also fashion-forward and fit for the weather. Layering is your best friend during this transition, especially when you're out after dark. As you make memories with your friends, circling the fire and sharing stories about your lives, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. {a} haley boutique has a checklist of your must-have pieces.

Next-Level Layering

girl in a tropical kimono with heels

Lila Tropical Kimono

should be part of every bonfire outfit you wear as summer transitions into early fall. Though it's bright and hot while the sun is out, the nights get crisper with each passing day. The secret to breezing through transitional seasons in style and comfort is to layer your ensembles. It pays to have long sleeves, but you need something that you can slip on and off with ease. When you plan a fire with your friends, bring a bundle of logs to burn and an outer layer with long sleeves that matches your outfit.

It could be your favorite denim jacket or a kimono with a summery floral print. Pull on a sweater or sweatshirt before you leave the house, but pick out a piece that's a bit oversized so you have plenty of room for comfort. Rely on lightweight long sleeves that can keep you cozy if there's a nip in the air, but save your heavy-weight jackets for later in the season.

Keep It Casual By the Fire

Jia Striped Button Down

Even as the nights start to cool down, it's still going to be toasty around the fire. You may need your hoodie, but just in case you don't, stock up on casual tops and tee-shirts to wear when you gather around the flames with your friends. You can opt for something a bit more fabulous than a plain pocket tee, or you can select a simple but chic top jazzed up with accessories. For a look that falls in between, put together a beach bonfire outfit that consists of cropped skinny jeans and a shirt with three-quarter sleeves. Button-downs are perfect for beach parties, too! Follow the freshest late summer trend, and tie up the tails of your shirt to bare your midriff.

Bottoms Up on the Beach

Nicoletta Leopard Joggers

Bottoms of all styles can anchor a bonfire outfit. Depending on the evening temperatures where you are, choose between long pants and shorts. Jeans are a classic choice for bonfire nights thanks to their versatility and comfort! Bootcut jeans tend to be heavier, skinny jeans are usually lightweight with built-in ventilation via distressing, and capris and crops are the next best thing to shorts. For warmer nights, full paper bag waist shorts are a great option because they're pretty and polished but casual, which is an excellent vibe for a get-together around the fire pit.

If we had to choose the perfect bottoms for a bonfire, however, we'd have to go with joggers. Not too hot, not too cold, they're the Goldilocks of pants: just right. Basic black is chill, olive has a trendy kick, and animal print allows you to look like you're dressed up even though you're so laid back that you're practically horizontal.

Maximum Maxi

James Floral Maxi

Want to create a beach bonfire outfit with Boho flair? Maxi dresses and long skirts will skate along the sand, giving you an irresistible mermaid aesthetic. They're long enough to keep your legs covered and warm once it starts to get chilly, but the elegance is undeniable. Keep the flow going with a kimono cardigan, long necklaces, and a bunch of bangle bracelets.

One-and-Done on the Shore

Presley Printed Jumpsuit

Every fashionista can agree, the best bonfire outfit is the one that doesn’t require any thought! One-piece one-and-done outfits are effortless but stylish. Jumpsuits and rompers are perfect as-is. You can always add a cardigan or a hoodie, but it's rarely necessary. Consider a smocked romper that resembles the perfect summer dress, or kick up your heels in a cropped jumpsuit with a fun pattern.

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