Festive & Fabulous: The Best Holiday Style for Every Party This Year

October 02, 2019

ornament on a Christmas tree

As the weather dips and the daylight hours shrink, looming holiday parties are growing ever-closer. While seasonal celebrations are the perfect time to catch up with the important people in your life, each new function demands a festive and fabulous holiday outfit. Holiday style changes with every occasion—dinner with friends, a family get-together, or an annual office party—and creating cute holiday party outfits for each festivity can feel overwhelming. Take the pressure off your holiday celebrations. Discover what to wear to every holiday party this year at {a} haley boutique.

For the Office Party

Although you’re in a celebratory mood at the annual office party, you still have to make sure your holiday style is work-appropriate. For this year’s workplace celebration, opt for black dress pants paired with a green or red turtleneck and a comfortable pair of heels. While this outfit may not seem festive at first, the sophisticated look elevates your entire appearance, ensuring you stand out among your coworkers.

woman in blue satin dress holiday style

For the Family Party

Putting together cute holiday party outfits for your family celebration is perhaps the most challenging part of your holiday style. You want to look cute and comfortable, but you also have to navigate the disapproving nods of opinionated family members. If you want to avoid the family stress, stick with something simple and classic. A cute cocktail dress sends the right message. It’s sophisticated and formal, but stylish enough to keep you feeling chic all night long. Pair your dress with comfortable heels and simple jewelry to round out your classic holiday look.

For the Party With Friends

Your holiday bash with your friends is the ultimate time to let your stylish side shine. With the opportunity for plenty of pictures and a chance to pull out pieces that may be frowned upon among relatives or coworkers, a party with your friends is a perfect time to embrace trendy holiday style. This year, invest in a crushed velvet dress for your holiday bash. Red, green, or black are the best color options, but any stylish number will do. This outfit is trendy and sophisticated but chic enough to impress all your pals and make sure you’re the belle of the ball during your holiday festivities.

woman in sparkly sequin romper for holiday party

For the Night Out

Sometimes a holiday party is one of your own making. If you’re planning a night out to celebrate the season, you can step away from the formal looks and embrace fun holiday style. For this occasion, opt for a timeless choice in cute holiday party outfits: a sequin dress or romper. A must-wear at least once during the holiday season, this cute number is a perfect choice to wow friends and strangers alike during a night on the town. Pair it with comfortable heels, but stay away from the jewelry—this piece has enough sparkle all on its own.

For the Neighborhood Bash

Neighborhood celebrations are often less formal than other seasonal parties. Therefore, your holiday style can veer more towards a casual look, rather than another elegant ensemble. For this function, opt for a pair of black jeans with a playful red shirt. Finish your ensemble with gold jewelry and knee-high boots. The result is a look that’s comfortable enough to engage with the neighborhood children, but put-together and stylish all the same.

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