Spicy & Sweet: 5 Outfits Perfect For Your Backyard BBQ

June 12, 2019

Spicy & Sweet: 5 Outfits Perfect For Your Backyard BBQ

It's time for corn on the cob, cocktails on the deck, and watching the sunset as you play yard games with your friends. That means it's also time to freshen up your closet for the season. As it happens, {a} haley boutique has a killer collection of cute, casual summer outfits to get you through every backyard get-together and garden party. With a few of our irresistible ensembles in your closet, you won't have to spend forever searching for what to wear to a BBQ. Even better, we have an array of one-and-done outfits that you can slip into in an instant. Peep our top five and snag whatever tempts you.

Sweet Like Summer Kisses: Summer Floral Smocked Dress


 Summer Floral Smocked Dress

Come summertime, there's nothing more perfect than a Summer Floral Smocked Dress. You can't go wrong with this girlie, “adore me” look. It’s the perfect cute, casual summer outfit that you can wear to a backyard BBQ, a sweet picnic for 2, or a game night jam. We're just crazy about this look, which is demure, dreamy, and a dynamite pastel pick for relaxing summer events.

Just look at the ruffled tiers, for example. You can twirl your heart out while you dance with your besties on the back deck. Slender straps and a ruffle running along the top of the bodice both lend the dress a feminine dainty touch, as does the precious peachy pink and sky blue hue. Nothing will make your summer glow quite like this dress.

It's a standout all by itself, so you needn't wear anything with it. A jean jacket adds some edge, however, while a lightweight white kimono will turn the fabulous frock into something dramatic and whimsical. Keep your shoes comfortable if you're playing in the yard. Flats or flip-flops will always do. If you're out for a date that's casual but kind of romantic, then ankle strap sandals in a matching hue are what you want. They’ll elevate you just enough for the sweet kiss this dress simply demands.

Spicy Hot For Saucy Nights: Chloe Button Romper

Chloe Button Romper


Anytime you just don't know what to wear to a BBQ, remember that you can't go wrong with a one-and-done piece. This vibrant red Chloe Button Romper has sass that screams “summer,” making it an unbeatable outfit for all your warm weather events. Linger over brunch with your besties, or wear it over your suit when you head to the beach. You can’t escape the fact that it’s a perfect pick for dancing long into the heat of an August night.

The bodice features a relaxed fit, and the lines of the romper are classic, with a vintage-inspired flavor and a sexy tie at the hip. Thanks to the spaghetti straps, you can show off your tan. Its skirt-like bottom resembles culottes, which are trendy all over the street-style scene. Throw on a pair of sunglasses and a pair of red hot heels for an extra dose of edge.

Southern Charms: Devon Floral Dress

Devon Floral Dress


We have an abundance of cute, casual summer outfits that fall on the flirtier side of casual. If a summer dress is your pleasure, then this Devon Floral Dress can become the most pleasurable piece you own. It's a bit of a dressy dress, thanks to its ruffled hemline and darling print. It's as pretty as a wildflower in full bloom. You'll blossom just as much as you flutter from group to group like a busy social butterfly. The short, baby-doll sleeves are the perfect addition to the look.

Picture the dress paired with cute cowboy boots, an oversized sun hat, or a matching straw purse. That sweetheart neckline deserves a necklace, too. Pick a flower pendant or ring that pays homage to this darling southern look. Think about accentuating your bare arms with a stack of delicate bracelets. No matter which way you wear it, this look is full of irresistible charm of the Southern kind.

Meeting His Mama: Kourtney Tuxedo Romper

Kourtney Tuxedo Romper


Meeting his mama for the first time at a summer event? Fashion-savvy ladies who can't decide what to wear to this important BBQ can always turn to a Kourtney Tuxedo Romper--with a demure twist. A little sister to the jumpsuit, it's cool in terms of its trend appeal and its ability to maintain your comfort level on sweltering summer afternoons. Our top pick for events of this nature is this essential white romper. The conservative collar will balance out the playfully perfect, skort-like bottom to become the outfit that says you’re a sweet girl with a good heart.

A tie waist creates the suggestion that you’ve got it all tied together in a nice little package. You might want to take advantage of the option to wear some classic pearls, at least if you love to accessorize. For footwear, try ballet flats, espadrilles, or heels. No matter what you wear on your feet, this outfit is designed for the girl who knows just how to present herself.

Casual, Cool: Here comes the Sun Tee and Eliza Paper Bag Denim Shorts

Sun Tee and Eliza Paper Bag Denim Shorts


Let’s face it: the ultimate in casual is a breezy, fuss-free Sun Tee and Eliza Paper Bag Denim Shorts. Nothing’s more all-American than that.  Especially if you plan to put on some sneakers and join a game a touch football with the boys! Our “Here Comes the Sun” Tee is an essential element in cute, casual summer outfits. Pledge your allegiance to summer, with a message that says you’re ready to eat, play, and socialize. Throw on classic denim shorts, wear it over a bikini, or pair it with a casual skirt. No matter what, you can’t go wrong with a cool, classic white tee that goes with virtually anything.

Outfit yourself for all of the fun events on your social calendar for the summer. {a} haley boutique has a collection full of cute, casual summer clothes ready to fill your closet. What's your favorite ensemble out of our top five?