The Beach Bride: Casual Chic Style For Your Summer Wedding Festivities

May 08, 2019

The Beach Bride: Casual Chic Style For Your Summer Wedding Festivities

Beach wedding outfits are breezy, a bit laid-back, and as individual as the bride who wears them. Coastal weddings tend to veer toward Boho chic because of the location and the overall vibe. Your wardrobe needs to match that attitude. You're not a traditional bride, are you? Think about that as you pick out ensembles for a casual beach wedding. {a} haley boutique has just the selection for you. Discover apparel for the bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, and the big day. We even have dresses that you can change into after the ceremony, not to mention sexy attire for the honeymoon!

Showered with Love

What could be better than a lovely little lace number for your bridal shower or reception dinner? Beach wedding outfits don't have to be over-the-top formal, but fancy touches are ideal. In the Marta Crochet Lace Dress, for example, the chest and cap sleeves are lace, leading down to a fitted, opaque bodice. At the hem, a lacy ruffle creates just the right amount of bouncy flounce. The combination is both feminine and fierce.

little lace number

If you're a low-key, low-maintenance bride, then something like this can work as a wedding dress, too. Top it off with a veiled fascinator for a touch of vintage-inspired appeal. A bouquet of peonies is the perfect pick. You'll strike a sweet balance between modern and antique.

This dress is perfect for any wedding-related events, but wherever you wear it, you can take on the sand in a pair of strappy silver sandals. Open-toed shoes will show off your pretty wedding pedicure. You won't need much jewelry because the dress speaks for itself, but a cocktail ring and a few bangles will up-sell the dress.

Toast of the Town

It's the prerogative of the beach bride to dress as casually and coolly as she pleases. The Blanca Lace Dress strikes both notes, with the addition of a certain retro flavor. The embroidery is beyond exquisite. The design is full of eye-catching details that ensure everyone's attention will remain on you the entire night. The sleeveless sheath silhouette is comfortable but flattering, making this a must-have frock for a rehearsal dinner, the reception after the ceremony, or a post-wedding brunch the following day. Can't you picture yourself wearing this as you raise a toast to all of your guests?

Toast of the Town

For a simple bride with an elegant aesthetic, it can be a lovely wedding dress for a casual beach wedding, as well. A small bouquet of sweetheart roses is a nice touch. To add to the retro appeal, consider pearl jewelry. The neckline is high enough that close-fitting necklaces aren't right, but a long strand of knotted pearls will create a 1920s flapper flair. Keep up with the theme by including pearl earrings and a bracelet or two. If, however, you opt to wear the dress to the rehearsal festivities or an after-event, then choose a pair of statement earrings and wear an arm party on each wrist by mixing bangles with chains, charm bracelets, and cuffs.

For the Bohemian Bride

Toast of the Town

There's a reason that beach wedding outfits skew towards the Bohemian end of the style spectrum. The shore is the quintessential Boho chic locale. Bearing that in mind, why not celebrate the big day in a simple but stunning slip of a dress? The show-stopping Jaclyn Boho Maxi Dress features a lacy train, after a fashion, and ought to fall somewhere between the calves and the knees. Walk to your beloved barefoot in the sand, not only to stick with the Boho vibe but also to draw attention to the hem. You don't want anything to overpower that precious lace ruffle. Instead of a traditional veil, top off your beautiful bridal gown with a crown of flowers. You'll steal away everyone's breath.

Say No to the Dress

Who says you have to wear a wedding dress? At {a} haley boutique, you can find casual beach wedding ensembles that fall outside the norm. Take a page from Insta influencers and street-style stunners. Swap out the traditional wedding dress for the Catelyn Crochet Lace Jumpsuit that bucks tradition. If you want to stand out during your wedding activities, be it the bachelorette party or the reception, then a one-of-a-kind, one-and-done ensemble like this is the way to go.

Catelyn Crochet Lace Jumpsuit

The bodice features puffs of embroidery that create a delightful texture, to say nothing of the visual effect. The sleeveless top also has ruffles, adding a soft touch. Your legs will look a mile long in the flowing pants. They're full and slightly wide-legged, which means that the jumpsuit will resemble an ankle length dress. Try a fascinator with a chic hat or a cap of feathers. Balance out the one-of-a-kind quality of the outfit with a bouquet of wildflowers in dramatic hues. And what of your shoes? A pair of statement sandals that can handle the sand is your best bet.

Lovely in Lace

Lace genuinely is a fabulous material for beach wedding outfits. White lace is even better, not only because it's bride-centric, but also because it reflects the sun and keeps you fresh by the sea. The Bella Floral Lace Mini Dress has transparent fabric that covers your arms and shoulders in intricate lace embroidery. The long sleeves suggest a '70s appeal, especially with the high neckline. Subtle lace cutouts also reveal some skin just below the bodice. On the hem of the skirt, a bit of lace trim adds a little flounce.

The Bella Floral Lace Mini Dress

This could be your wedding dress. Consider a short veil made of silk voile or tulle, along with a bouquet filled with peachy pink blossoms. It's a fabulous frock for a reception, as well. Why not change between the ceremony and the after-party? You could also wear it to your rehearsal. In any case, high heels are a must.

Say Yes to the Romper

Bridgitte Lace long sleeve romper

Like jumpsuits, rompers are ideal alternatives to dresses for a casual beach wedding. There's something special about the Bridgitte Lace long sleeve romper with sheer sleeves and a bodice adorned with lace. The trim linen shorts are flattering and slimming, and just short enough to balance the length of the sleeves and the high neckline. Stand up to say “I do” if you're a one-of-a-kind bride with an unique aesthetic. Think about a pillbox hat with a veil, a small bouquet of vivid red blooms, and a pair of open-toed booties that will allow you to stomp the sand to “The Wedding March.”

A Slip of a Dress

Here's something to take along on the honeymoon. For your first dinner with your brand new spouse, a slinky, sexy dress like the Joviana Body Con Lace Dress is ideal. A form-fitting lace frock that clings like a second skin is just the right pick. On second thought, however, you might want to save something like this for your first dessert as a married couple!

Joviana Body Con Lace Dress

Leading up to the big day, make sure that you have an assortment of beach wedding outfits that will have everyone's eyes on you. Head to {a} haley boutique for a happily-ever-after selection of beachy Boho apparel.