Trendy Outfits for Women: 6 Tips to Take Your Layering Game to the Next Level

December 21, 2019

Trendy Outfits for Women

While some girls may be all about the pile it on approach, at {a} haley boutique, we believe that layering is an art form. To create trendy layered outfits for women, it’s a good idea to get some advice from the fashion experts — us! Ready to get started? Read on to become a pro at throwing on cute layered outfits for fall and winter weather!

Black and White

Black and white are classic colors with a major contrast that make it clear that every layer is distinct. When you choose to layer monochrome colors, you sometimes get a lumpy mess that looks like you’re wrapped in a giant comforter. Take the opportunity to show off some sleek and elegant pieces when you choose a simple white long sleeve under a black midi slip.

All you need to finish off this trendy outfit for women are some black booties and a couple of layered thin gold chains.

trendy cardigan layered outfit for women

Multi-Cut Shirts

Sometimes you want to wear your strapless top even when it’s just too cold! Remedy this cold shoulder problem when you put your strapless choice under a slightly oversized button-down shirt. You can do the same with other warm-weather tops by layering them with vests and cardigans. Contrasting colors are a plus! Keep your pants, shoes, and accessories neutral to let your top truly shine!

Tee, Shirt, Blazer

Button-downs aren’t always meant to be buttoned down! Try a unique (and professional) combo when you layer a basic tee under an open button-down shirt and a blazer on top. We love a look that takes you through several different shades, so start with a light pastel tee as your bottom layer and work your way to a darker hue in your blazer.

If this trendy outfit for women is a little on the bold side for you, choose classic colors like blue or grey to tone down this look.

Bulk It Up!

If cozy and bulky is your go-to look, achieve it with a little more style when you choose to go the knit route! Create a cute layered outfit when you opt to throw an oversized knit sweater on a slinky knit dress. Top it off with a knit scarf and some killer vegan suede heeled booties.

Combining the different knit and suede textures can be pretty dazzling, so keep the colors simple here to avoid turning into a sideshow.

draped biker jacket layered outfit

Drape It On!

Jackets are must-have pieces to design trendy outfits for women during fall and winter weather, but you don’t actually have to put it all the way on to stay toasty! Choose a showstopping jacket and drape it over your shoulders to make your outfit look fancier than it actually is. The minute you throw a faux fur coat over a tee and some jeans, you bring in effortless elegance and grace. Make sure to wear a pair of cute heels to really elevate the ensemble.

Were you inspired by our outfit suggestions? It’s time to start shopping for your next amazing look! Check out the new arrivals at {a} haley boutique today!